Wednesday, May 25, 2011

[DLOAD] Candy Shop ~ 50 Cent (full band funk cover)

I remember this song coming out and being reeeeally controversial. But at that time, I didn't know why. Thinking about it, I don't think I'd even listened to the song so had no idea what the original sounded like. Came across this one when going through my sudden jazz/big band phase a few weeks ago.

Right, so now I know what it's about.

Anyway, this version is pretty cool in it's own right, and after listening to the original, I have to conclude that this version is in fact much better than the original. Dun dun dun.

There's something just so relaxed and laidback about this version with the rhythm and the delivery of the vocals. And whatever message it is sending out to the masses, this version definitely achieves it better in terms of musicality than the real version.

Download available here:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Britney Spears ~ Toxic (DOPE! Dubstep Remix)

I am in love with this remix. Oh. My. Days. So dark, so eerie at 42 secs, with such an amazing bassline at 2 mins 5 secs ~ the minor sequence there definitely made the whole song for me. And then it gets repeated at the end but a few octaves up. Sweet. Sounds like the guy who did this remix knows his theory ~ his other remixes are pretty awesome too, especially his one of Britney's Circus ♥.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

[DLOAD] New Born ~ Muse (Big Band Arrangement)

Discovered this arrangement of Muse's New Born a few days ago when I suddenly started listening to jazz/big band. There's so much I can talk about here ~ the vibraphone intro, the beats, the use of trumpet and sax, the vocals, the solo, the smooth way that the verses and bridge and chorus link together...I just love love love this arrangement so much!

I knew I was hooked when I heard the opening with the smooth build up of instruments ~ bass, then sax, then vocals. Long, drawn out notes in jazz/big band are my weakness, then the dramatic pause, solo, and guitar kicks in with drums, changing the pace and style, setting this piece in motion. The long high brass minor chords work so well with the guitar, and then the guitar offbeats give the verse a really jazzy feel. Graghghgh the bridge!! Most of the song (apart from the solos) sounds so musically simple yet so effective! And the vocals...this dude really does sound like Matt! :O

If you like the song, the composer has put the file up for download (oh my!!) over here:

I really hope he does more big band arrangements of popular songs! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Summermelody ~ H2K

Nothing like a bit of trance to get you into the summer mood! Came across this song last night when looking up videos on pen spinning tutorials, cuz I'm cool like that. Can't actually find any information about H2K online which is puzzling...where did they come from? Who are they? Do they have any more hits?
It's a summer melody
For the night, for the day
With us any time we play
A timeless song

A summer melody
In the wind and trees
You were floating in the breeze
And we can't go wrong

It's a summer melody
For the sea, for the sky
We can let it, take us high
On a beautiful day

A summer melody
In our heart and soul
And we never have to throw
Our dreams away

Loving the carefree melodies, vocals and general lightness the song brings to the three minutes that I spend listening to it. And click repeat...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

[DLOAD] Dubstep Recordings Presents: Raw Audio Vol.1's free!!

Came across this compilation on Facebook, saw that it was free and downloaded it instantly. With the rise in popularity of dubstep, there's been a lot of stuff that's been released that isn't of great quality, so I'm glad I wasn't disappointed here. Love the industrial sounds in tracks 2, 4 and 7...!! :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heartless ~ The Fray (Kanye West Cover)

I never thought I'd listen to The Fray ~ they were one of those bands that I'd avoided for being a bit alternative, but hadn't really done any research into them at all and so didn't really have a good reason to not listen to them other than a misjudged prejudice. Someone put this song on during the celebration of Rob's birthday in my room, and so I've been listening to it a lot today, finding myself strangely drawn in by the melancholy air of this cover. Checked out the original, and I have to say that this version is MUCH better, so much so that I decided to give this band a chance, and found that I have actually heard one of their songs before and even know some of the lyrics. Ohmydays. As they've been around since 2002, this is not really a 'new' discovery, but simply me giving them a chance and realising that I do like them indeedy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Just Had Sex (feat. Akon) ~ The Lonely Island

If you have not heard of this song then you must have been living underneath an Internet-free rock. I remember being amused as hell when it first came out, but it recently came to my attention again during a mid-revision tea break with Andy and Olivia when they came crawling out of their Internet-free rock, and then again when Claud and I were trying to think of a suitable Facebook update to celebrate my newfound ability to move longitudinally in water.

Love the lyrics and the tongue-in-cheek-ness of the whole song, plus cameos from the big J A and Gossip Girl's Blake Lively amused me muchly. As did the 'metaphorical' ending visuals. Also, apparently there's a 'ghost' in the video during the scene with the Asians twenty-three seconds into the video: keep an eye on the left hand corner and you'll see a 'ghost' walk across the room! Oh my!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Iridescent ~ Linkin Park

This is a song that I associate with The Hunger Games because it was included in a fan-made video of a scene with Katniss and Rue in the first book (READ IT). Literally made me cry the whole way through, and you know how I feel about using the word literally liberally.

The song opens with some ominous minor-key sounds which give way to slow piano chords, played in a quiet and delicate manner, mirroring the 'gentle' tone of Mike's voice. This is unlike them! When I first heard this song, I didn't actually know it was Linkin Park, as I'd never expected them to turn this...classically emo, with not a hint of a rap in sight, just pure unadulterated angst:
When you were standing in the wake of devastation
when you were waiting on the edge of the unknown
with the cataclysm raining down, insides crying save me now
you were there and possibly alone.

Do you feel cold and lost in desperation
you build up hope, but failure's all you've known
remember all the sadness and frustration
and let it go, let it go.

And in the burst of light that blinded every angel
as if the sky had blown the heavens into stars
you felt the gravity of temper grace falling into empty space
no one there to catch you in their arms

Do you feel cold and lost in desperation
you build up hope, but failure's all you've known
remember all the sadness and frustration
and let it go, let it go.

In terms of lyrics, it's a very satisfying song to listen to, as there are hints of hope amidst the bleak words. However, I'll forever more associate this song with the Hunger Games so for me, it'll always be more depressing than anything else. That, and it was also one of the songs I listened to during my lonely exile to Cripps, heh.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Broken Angel ~ ARASH feat. Helena

It's only a matter of time before I decided to write about this song ~ I first heard it in Bulgaria, which is why it's the default song to play should you choose to visit my real life ramblings about my trip *hint hint*. In addition, this song also reminds me of my week-and-a-half exile to Cripps upon my return to Cambridge, for the lyrics totally described my situation back then in true emo style:
I’m so lonely,
Broken angel,
I’m so lonely,
Listen to my heart,
One n’ only,
Broken angel,
Come n’ save me,
Before I fall apart

Definitely worthy of a facebook status update, complete with customary ascii art. Despite my griping about Cripps, the stay in H block was a very nostalgic one which actually turned out to be more productive than how things are going right now back in Ann's. How quaint. And now, I'm an inadvertent member of the H block crew by default. Hah.

If you listen to this song carefully then you may notice hints of the East in between the angelic vocals, which is no accident! Why, I hear you cry? For the answer is this: the artist Arash, full name Arash Labaf, is an Iranian born Swede! Apparently this dude has been an active artist since 2005, spawning many many hits all over Europe (and India), even submitting a Eurovision entry for Azerbaijan (God I love saying that country hehe) in 2009. However, for such a successful artist, he hasn't seem to have made any impact in the UK at all, which still seems impervious to Europop and the EU. Hah. So I guess this is why Broken Angel has not been released in England.

Definitely one for the clubs, if remixed well of course ~ a quick search on Youtube will yield many many dance/trance versions. Who knows if we'll be hearing this song on our radios in the spread the word if you like it!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Poker Face ~ Drop Table Artists (Cover)

Look at Harry's face! ^_^

Jokes. So they finally made it onto Internet TV huh? Well, what can I say? Been friends with these guys ever since the 'What I Want To Be When I Grow Up' bop of Fresher's Week when one of them turned up in a home-made Pokemon master costume that got upstaged when someone showed up in a real life Pokemon master costume. Complete with Pokeball. But you had to hand it to Harry for effort. After all, who would've guessed that the clementine he was holding was meant to be a Pokeball? Don't really remember much of Harald, other than that he was the 'tall white guy' standing next to the Pokemon master.

Jokes again. Anyway, ever since we became friends, I've watched them continually evolve upwards (and on occasions laterally) as a 'band'. Although they mainly play covers, their imaginative arrangements and gravelly vocals do stand out a lot, so over the years, they have attracted a small but loyal fanbase who go to support them whenever they are on tour...i.e. playing in the college bar.

Anyway, more about this song. Guess it's kind of a special one for them, for it seems as if they can't stop playing Poker Face (since dropping their all time favourite, The Great Escape) so over the years, this cover has continually been built on and improved, with the latest version showing off some extra arrangements and a new set of backing vocals. Pity the rap has never made it into any of the incarnations:
I won't tell you that I love you
Kiss or hug you
Cause I'm bluffin' with my muffin
I'm not lying I'm just stunnin'
With my love-glue-gunning
Just like a chick in the casino
Take your bank before I pay you out
I promise this, promise this
Check this hand cause I'm marvelous

Guys, if you're reading this entry ~ I know you are ~ then I'm gonna throw this one out: you need more stage presence!! And you need to quit looking so serious, even on video when no one is watching you live!!! After all, stage presence is what gets you laid when you're in a band, heh.

Now this is supposed to be a serious entry, but I think I've failed miserably here, hehe.

Anyways, if you're around in Cambridge at all, then keep an eye out for this pair of jokers ~ they'll be playing at the Wolfson June Event this May Week, so if you fancy shelling out more cash than you'd pay for a Muse concert, then come along and support these fine specimens of humanity.

Sadly, I know I will be there.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Just Tonight ~ The Pretty Reckless

I love love love The Pretty Reckless! Despite what people say, and despite my own reservations, I still think that Taylor Momsen is so awesome ~ was totally willing to go see her UK debut gig in London this time last year but didn't...because no one else was keen and I was too much of a wimp to go on my own hah. There was also the small matter of exams looming up but that's by the bye.

Didn't come across this song until today via an article on which was linked through her band's Facebook page. Apparently it's been out since November. Huh. Anyway, I fell in love with this song as soon as I heard and saw the video, which opens with Taylor walking down a corridor in a rather skin-tight red dress. I'm expecting a hell of a lot of rock and roll, but instead, the scene and mood quickly switches to something more sombre and serious, and boy does it work. We get a love ballad full of rich chords, minor suspensions, and angst, angst, angst, all to the sound of her lovely velvety voice. MMMMM. Not only that, but the video is a gothic dream ~ it's dripping in gothic trappings: blood, bloody roses, a jilted lover, and such beautiful dresses!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Changed The Way You Kiss Me ~ Example (Mensah Remix)

Came across this ditty via the Facebook dubstep page two weeks ago ~ apparently this remix is better than the original version, hah, who would've thought. Love the orchestral introduction, and the lack of beat at the start ~ the build up to the drop is worth the wait, although the drop/beat does get a bit too repetitive after a while. About two minutes twenty seconds in, there's a bit of variety with a new build up of SFX as the song progresses ~ keeps it kinda light and not too heavily populated by bass beats.

In terms of lyrics, I really like the line: "I guarantee you miss me, cuz you changed the way you kiss me", so much so that I've used a modified version of it in one of my creative writing stories hehe. The line: "I need a new funfair" was also pretty nice, and although I like the lyrics, they weren't that interesting as they loop around a lot in this remix.

I've never been afraid of the highest heights,
or afraid of flying I
I've never been afraid of the wildest fights,
not afraid of dying
But now I want off this ride cause your scaring me,
and I don't like where we're going
I need a new funfair, cause your scaring me,
and I don't like where we're going.

And now you're gonna miss me,
I know you're gonna miss me,
I guarantee you miss me
Cause you changed the way you kiss me.

Listened to it today, and gotta say that it sounds so much better now that I have my bass and speakers set up! :)

Hey Alice ~ Rachel Macwhirter

I discovered this song by seventeen-year-old Australian-born Rachel Macwhirter a few days ago, after someone linked me to another song by her via a Facebook discussion thread about the book series The Hunger Games - if you have not read it then DO SO BECAUSE IT IS AMAZING. Ahem. Anyway, the song that this artist had written is called Mockingjay, which is incidentally a song with the same themes that I was planning on writing, title and all! So it's good that I discovered this before I'd gotten more involved in the songwriting process, hah, as if I think I can write songs. But that's going a little off-topic. Ahem.

After looking through her channel, I found this gem, and have been addicted to it ever the point where I must have listened to this song at least a hundred times! Keeping it on repeat whilst learning about spectroscopy and organic synthesis may not have been the best way of retaining my sanity...nevertheless, I don't see myself getting bored of this anytime soon! Why?

It has such a catchy melody, with amazing refrains and epic instrumentals ~ the relentless piano keeps the whole thing together by sounding like a ticking clock, and really gives the song a haunting sense of urgency that is totally in key with the lyrics, what with the continuous questions directed at Alice throughout the whole song and all that. In addition, when it came to the lyrics, I thought that Rachel did an awesome job with the rhyming, the timing, and her use of references ~ especially for a seventeen-year-old! For the actual singing, there are some bits that can definitely be improved, but all in all, I liked the sound of her voice. Finally, I guess this song indulges my love of the gothic/fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland ~ something that I've adored ever since I read the books back in primary school, so for me, the song held a very nostalgic atmosphere to it and affected me quite deeply.

If you like it too, then be sure to check out the rest of Rachel's original songs ~ which you can download here:

Keep an eye out on this chick, for if she keeps at it, then she is sure to go far in the gothic scene!