Thursday, May 5, 2011

[DLOAD] New Born ~ Muse (Big Band Arrangement)

Discovered this arrangement of Muse's New Born a few days ago when I suddenly started listening to jazz/big band. There's so much I can talk about here ~ the vibraphone intro, the beats, the use of trumpet and sax, the vocals, the solo, the smooth way that the verses and bridge and chorus link together...I just love love love this arrangement so much!

I knew I was hooked when I heard the opening with the smooth build up of instruments ~ bass, then sax, then vocals. Long, drawn out notes in jazz/big band are my weakness, then the dramatic pause, solo, and guitar kicks in with drums, changing the pace and style, setting this piece in motion. The long high brass minor chords work so well with the guitar, and then the guitar offbeats give the verse a really jazzy feel. Graghghgh the bridge!! Most of the song (apart from the solos) sounds so musically simple yet so effective! And the vocals...this dude really does sound like Matt! :O

If you like the song, the composer has put the file up for download (oh my!!) over here:

I really hope he does more big band arrangements of popular songs! :)

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