Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hey Alice ~ Rachel Macwhirter

I discovered this song by seventeen-year-old Australian-born Rachel Macwhirter a few days ago, after someone linked me to another song by her via a Facebook discussion thread about the book series The Hunger Games - if you have not read it then DO SO BECAUSE IT IS AMAZING. Ahem. Anyway, the song that this artist had written is called Mockingjay, which is incidentally a song with the same themes that I was planning on writing, title and all! So it's good that I discovered this before I'd gotten more involved in the songwriting process, hah, as if I think I can write songs. But that's going a little off-topic. Ahem.

After looking through her channel, I found this gem, and have been addicted to it ever the point where I must have listened to this song at least a hundred times! Keeping it on repeat whilst learning about spectroscopy and organic synthesis may not have been the best way of retaining my sanity...nevertheless, I don't see myself getting bored of this anytime soon! Why?

It has such a catchy melody, with amazing refrains and epic instrumentals ~ the relentless piano keeps the whole thing together by sounding like a ticking clock, and really gives the song a haunting sense of urgency that is totally in key with the lyrics, what with the continuous questions directed at Alice throughout the whole song and all that. In addition, when it came to the lyrics, I thought that Rachel did an awesome job with the rhyming, the timing, and her use of references ~ especially for a seventeen-year-old! For the actual singing, there are some bits that can definitely be improved, but all in all, I liked the sound of her voice. Finally, I guess this song indulges my love of the gothic/fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland ~ something that I've adored ever since I read the books back in primary school, so for me, the song held a very nostalgic atmosphere to it and affected me quite deeply.

If you like it too, then be sure to check out the rest of Rachel's original songs ~ which you can download here:

Keep an eye out on this chick, for if she keeps at it, then she is sure to go far in the gothic scene!

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