Sunday, April 17, 2011

Broken Angel ~ ARASH feat. Helena

It's only a matter of time before I decided to write about this song ~ I first heard it in Bulgaria, which is why it's the default song to play should you choose to visit my real life ramblings about my trip *hint hint*. In addition, this song also reminds me of my week-and-a-half exile to Cripps upon my return to Cambridge, for the lyrics totally described my situation back then in true emo style:
I’m so lonely,
Broken angel,
I’m so lonely,
Listen to my heart,
One n’ only,
Broken angel,
Come n’ save me,
Before I fall apart

Definitely worthy of a facebook status update, complete with customary ascii art. Despite my griping about Cripps, the stay in H block was a very nostalgic one which actually turned out to be more productive than how things are going right now back in Ann's. How quaint. And now, I'm an inadvertent member of the H block crew by default. Hah.

If you listen to this song carefully then you may notice hints of the East in between the angelic vocals, which is no accident! Why, I hear you cry? For the answer is this: the artist Arash, full name Arash Labaf, is an Iranian born Swede! Apparently this dude has been an active artist since 2005, spawning many many hits all over Europe (and India), even submitting a Eurovision entry for Azerbaijan (God I love saying that country hehe) in 2009. However, for such a successful artist, he hasn't seem to have made any impact in the UK at all, which still seems impervious to Europop and the EU. Hah. So I guess this is why Broken Angel has not been released in England.

Definitely one for the clubs, if remixed well of course ~ a quick search on Youtube will yield many many dance/trance versions. Who knows if we'll be hearing this song on our radios in the spread the word if you like it!

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